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'underground' By Simon Gold & David Sickler Download

Embark on an exciting musical odyssey with David Sickler and Simon Gold as they unveil "Underground," a vibrant and rhythmic melodic techno release poised to make waves in the music scene. This electrifying creation ensures a compelling fusion of pulsating beats and a euphoric soundscape, meticulously crafted to captivate both music aficionados and dance enthusiasts.

"Underground" serves as a testament to the duo's inventive approach to melodic techno, establishing a platform for a captivating sonic journey that commands the attention of the dance floor. The enchanting track showcases Sickler and Gold's musical expertise, seamlessly blending alluring melodies with an unyielding energy bound to resonate with fans of electronic music. The EP will be accessible on all major streaming platforms starting December 1st, 2023. Unlock an exclusive promo (link will also be sent to email):

Click Here To Download.

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