Meet Minimal Architecture Photography's Finest, Simone Hutsch.

To celebrate the amazing artwork for Butterflies And Whales, the latest release on Concrete Kïn, we had a quick (virtual) sit down with Simone Hutsch to learn more on her inspirations and projects for 2021.

Hey Simone amazing to speak with you, tell us about yourself?

After finishing school, I started studying graphic design in my hometown Berlin. Photography was always a part of it, but I only really got into architecture photography after my studies. I first started photography as a personal creative project outside of work, and that’s still the case. I still work as a full-time graphic designer while doing photography on the side. I see this as a journey, and what matters to me is that every day I get a tiny bit better and truly enjoy what I’m doing.

What's the inspiration behind your work?

I often get stuck on scrolling through Behance or Pinterest. There are so many good creatives. But just going outside, walking or cycling around with an open eye is a really good alternative too.