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Meet Evan De Novellis, The Incredible Producer Behind 'Satellite'

This week we spoke to Evan De Novellis to hear more on what's behind the music and where the inspiration came from for 'Satellite' the next release on Concrete Kïn.

What inspires you to make your music?

My music is born from the desire to express a state of mind and from a love of this genre. Many times we are not able to express our feelings with words, or we shut ourselves off. With music, on the other hand, we are able to convey emotions through melodies, and therefore moods. It's my way. Your sound is so crisp and powerful, what tools do you use to create these?

It took me many years and a lot of rehearsals to achieve this sound. And I still need to improve it! I use both analogue instruments and digital plug-ins, and the main thing is to pay attention to every little detail. These are thought-out sounds, not trivial ones. Who are your inspirations?

I have two artists who at different stages of my life have accompanied me and led me to love the genre of electronic music:Moby in my youth, and Paul Kalkbrenner post adolescence. Both have an incredible sound that always excites me a lot. Then I'm listening to a lot of music of every genre and I appreciate a lot of artists in Techno scenario.

What's the Italian Techno scene like?

In Italy, clubbing is not completely cleared through customs, and I often still hear references to drugs and so on. But from the musical point of view we are really a strong country, and in the Techno genre we have luxury names that stand out on every international stage! If you have to choose an italian DJ/Producer you are spoilt for choice. What can we expect from Evan De Novellis over the next 12 months?

In the next 12 months I will release new music, 5 tracks are already ready on the starting blocks! Musically I'm constantly evolving, I'm still in the phase of wanting to refine my style. I experiment a lot, let's see where it takes me!


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