Learn More About Trenches The Producer Behind 'The Follower'

New York native Trenches provides the perfect soundtrack to your summer festival playlists with The Follower. We sit down to discuss what's behind the music

What's the inspiration behind the 'The Follower'?

The inspiration behind “The Follower” came from a pretty emotional time in my life where direction was unclear. There wasn’t really a path I was following. This track started out without any direction, and found it’s way into an ethereal and emotional melodic vibe. I believe at some point in our lives, we all feel uncertainties, anxieties, or just plain lost, and it takes being in the “unknown” to really discover what we desire or value.

3 artists you're feeling right now and why?

I am a huge fan of Kasablanca right now. Track after track, they’ve instilled this footprint that contains so much moving energy and drive. Lane 8 is on the list of course, because of his extremely creative vision for his music. And lastly, Tale of Us…I mean have you seen their shows? They create entire atmospheres and worlds with their music.

How strong is the house scene in New York?

There is so much culture in this city. So many different influences that have their own take on what House is. The Underground movements are always finding ways to rise up in popularity, because they showcase this culture. House music drives this city of 9 million souls.

What tips would you give for artists on their creative process?

Become curious, extremely curious, with your sound creation. You don’t need to be a VST expert. You can use any sound, synthetic or natural, to create. Don’t be afraid to be emotional or grandiose with your music either - create atmospheres and worlds and give it theatrical emotion. Introduce energy people can see, feel, hear, touch, and taste.

What's next for Trenches?

Well, I definitely do not think this is the only time Trenches will join up with CK! Currently, there are a bunch of tracks I’m finishing that I’m pretty excited to share with the world. For the near future, I plan to focus on cultivating audience growth and getting more exposure. I also hope this summer will bring me an opportunity to debut Trenches on a stage or two.

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