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Introducing Our New Favourite Mexican Producer, Javi Dorantes

We sat down with the brilliant Javi Dorantes to hear more on what's behind the music and where the inspiration came from for 'Life Inside A Dream' the next release on Concrete Kïn.

Hey Javi, tell us about yourself?

Javier Alejandro Dorantes Pérez, 21 yo. Electronic music producer (Melodic, Progressive House) & DJ, from Hidalgo, Mexico. But overall a complete music lover. Civil engineering student that invests free time listening and producing music. My love for electronic music started since 08 yo. I got my first mixer at 12 yo, started learning music production on the internet at 13 and at 14 I bought my first midi keyboard controller, there it is when I knew what I wanted to do.

What inspired you to make this track?

Life Inside A Dream’ was inspired in sunsets, I was looking at one with my headphones on and there’s when the idea of the main chords came to my mind, instantly I went to my home studio and started jamming around at the keyboard trying to recreate the idea in my head, after I got it, started building the rest of the track around those chords. I think I achieved my main goal in this track, convey a beautiful feeling to the listener!

What is the house scene like in Mexico?

In Mexico there are a lot of music cultures, regional Mexican music, latin music and many many more, but in the recent years, the house music scene has been gaining ground and popularity, for example, places like Tulum, Mexico City, etc. are perfect places for artist of this scene. My goal is to grow up and make the scene known to more people in Mexico

Who are you inspirations?

Trance music was the cause of my love for electronic music, so, since I was a child, I have had a great admiration and inspiration in artists like: Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Above & Beyond, Paul Van Dyk and more

Who would you most like to work?

Hard question, there’s a lot of great talents! Any Concrete Kin artist would be amazing to work with for sure. Above & Beyond or Lane 8 would be one of my biggest aspirations to collaborate with!

'Life Inside A Dream' by Javi Dorantes is available to stream and download across all major platforms Friday 26th March 2021



Eres increíble Javi, no te detengas😍


Javier Dorantes
Javier Dorantes
Mar 16, 2021

Thanks for having me guys 😎

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