Electronic, Psychedelic, Acoustic…Introducing, Elsa Hewitt

“It’s so easy to look at other people’s success and compare yourself to them, or think about how far you still have to go, but you need to remember that everybody has to carve out their own path. In music, there’s no single way of doing it.”

Photography By David Coleman

Elsa Hewitt is a British electronic singer and songwriter, previous Lynsey de Paul Prize winner, and this month’s Concrete Kïn inspiration. Originally from Sussex and now living in South London, Elsa’s sound has developed from raw teenage grunge, to her very own unique mix of synthesised sound and intricate percussion. Listening to her music means you never hear the same thing twice, it evolves within the listener and we couldn’t wait to find out more. We explore Elsa following in her performer mother’s footsteps, and hear some pretty poignant advice about becoming an emerging artist…

Ok, firstly what’s coming up in 2020 for Elsa Hewitt?

EH - Firstly, I’m hoping for Citrus Partadisi to be release on vinyl, which should be great. And then, the plan is to finish my new album which I’m excited about! Should be a tour over the summer as well, London, Brighton and hopefully a few cities around the whole the country and in Europe as well. You’ll see..We’ll see.!

Is this latest album taking a different direction from your previous work?

EH - I feel like it’s a step on again from everything that I’ve done so far on the electronic side, I’ve been using a lot of new plug-ins that I hadn’t been using before and I had been keeping it quite simple in a way, quite analogue and basic with the last album. This one’s got different instrumentation, and different plug ins and synths that generally sound really phat! Haha. I just feel like the production is another step on so the sound just keeps seeming to develop each time and I keep expecting it to reach a pinnacle, but it doesn’t it just keeps moving further along! I made an effort to do more singing in this one as well, while still trying to keep a balance between ambient beats and singing.

Looking at your releases over the past few years, what are your favourite tracks and why?