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Centrepoint & Concrete Kïn Partner To Give Young People Effected By Homelessness A Future

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Announcing a creative partnership with Centrepoint charity to help young people understand their future is more than their past.


Ever since Centrepoint was founded in a basement in Soho in the 60's, their goal was to give young people effected by homelessness a future. We are beyond proud to announce that Concrete Kin have partnered with Centrepoint, marrying our passion for uncovering hidden talent with their devotion to improving young people's lives.

The partnership begins with video production programme, where our young people 'Directors', will be creating video content inspired by our very own Act Cool release. The release, 'Higher', features soulful vocals from singer Naj based in Kuala Lumpur. Communicating online only and tied together by their absolute love of music, the relationship between Act Cool and Naj embodies the connections Concrete Kin are trying to develop amongst others in music and specifically with these young people.

'Higher' is a feeling, an emotion, a perception... and is different for everyone. We have briefed the young students to create a video to depict their vision for the track without any boundaries, everyone has a story to tell and this is their platform. Once the videos are completed we will be exhibiting the work at Soho Theatre, inviting along our Concrete Kin network of professionals to help inspire and advise. 

Centrepoint's long term goal is to end homelessness, and Concrete Kin are here to help along the way. 

If you can, please sponsor a room for the night:



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