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Introducing Coff's 'Coming For You' to Concrete Kin, an incredible big room melodic house track. Packed with massive synths and an emotive vocal, this captivating tune will leave you wanting more. Download the track by providing feedback and hear what inspired the music below. Promo will also be sent to your email:

Inspired by my DJing sessions with Marodin in Atlanta, where I discovered amazing Brazilian electronic artists. I became hooked on their aggressive and edgy sound. 'Coming For You' began with a vocal hook that was sent to me. I played around with it, adding FX, vocal chops, and vox. As the bassline emerged, it transformed into a club-ready tune. The fast-paced synth elements and the toms on the drop transport you straight to the Brazilian dance floor, capturing the essence of what I aimed to achieve with this track.

Click Here To Download.

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